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Successfully marketing your work from home medical billing service is the key to getting your new business up and running. In order to do medical billing, you need doctors to bill for.

The most challenging contract to get is your FIRST one, since you have no current clients from which to get referrals. Paradoxically, doctors are going to want references before they sign up.

David and Amy, two of our partners here at Everything Medical Billing who have run a successful medical billing home business for over two decades, tried lots of methods to get their first doctor before finally succeeding in signing up their first. It wasn't easy...

So how DO you get referrals for your work from home medical billing business?

Ask any owner of a successful medical billing business how they were able to get the majority of their doctors and odds are they will NOT tell you that flyers or cold calls worked. It is well known in medical circles that doctors are a tight knit group that is very hard to break into. However, if your are able to break into that inner circle, then you will have a good chance of getting referrals and ultimately succeed as well.  

Ok! So referrals are your best chance of having success with your work from home medical billing business. But how do you get your first doctor so you even have a chance of being recommended to other physicians?

When David and Amy were first starting their business, they first tried the direct mail approach, sending out hundreds of brochures, with zero success. They also made over 100 presentations to medical practices with no takers. Instead of giving up, they quickly realized they needed to get creative to get a good reference. Read on to see what they did....

Medical Billing Marketing That Works

How can you stand out from the crowd and prove your value to the doctors business whether you work from home or from a stand alone office? Especially when you have no actual experience like David and Amy?

Focus on a specific specialty such as mental health care providers, chiropractors, physical therapists, dentists, etc... and become an expert in that niche. David and Amy knew of a small chiropractic office, and homed in on that specialty. Like they did, you should study the specialty--really learn what this niche focuses on: the medical terms, physical conditions, unique procedure codes and modifiers, whatever it is that makes this niche a bit different from other disciplines. If you well-versed in the specialty, you doctors will not only feel more comfortable with you, they will prefer you to your competition This gives YOU the edge, especially over the mega billing companies. Why?

These specialties are often overlooked by new billing companies and the mega billing companies because they are often more interested in the large multiple doctor practices whose specialties are often general practitioners or surgeons. In addition, the large medical billing companies tend to bill for many different specialties. This gives you a fighting chance should you end up competing for a doctor in a specialty which is in your "area of expertise". What doctor wouldn't prefer an expert in their field over someone who only spends a few minutes each day on their specialty?

Since David and Amy had researched the local market and had decided to focus on a small chiropractor's practice, they made a pitch that was a bit unconventional: they offered to do the chiropractor's billing for free. This particular chiropractor worked part time, and only had about 10 clients per week. But it gave them not only actual experience in real billing, but that all-important Reference that is key to signing up doctors to begin with. When they provided the reference to larger practices, the doctors had no way of knowing just how small the chiropractor's practice was, they just saw the excellent reference and professional presentation and were willing to sign on the dotted line.

What else works??

See more Work From Home Medical Billing marketing ideas for your new billing business....

What medical billing marketing doesn't work??

Undoubtedly you've already heard of the old medical billing marketing standbys such as cold calling, mailing brochures (lots of luck--David and Amy found that out the hard way), newspaper advertising, or getting a listing in the yellow pages. While you might get lucky with one of these marketing techniques, there is a better chance you will not get much of a response since every other billing service is using these same medical billing marketing strategies.

Recently, David has done extensive research on the various materials available to help people start their own work from home medical billing business. One of the best books he found that can help you get your business off the ground is Secrets to Signing Up Your First Doctor. In it, you'll find specific, real-world tips and techniques from a mother-daughter duo of Medical Billing Professionals named Alice and Michelle who have run their own successful medical billing business for many years:

Learn The Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor!
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