Work At Home Medical Billing Services -- Part Time Vs. Full Time

We know you have seen the ads-- " Provide work at home medical billing services in your spare time ....opportunity to work just a few hours a day and make forty, fifty even sixty thousand dollars a year without ever having to get out of your PJ's."

Work At Home Medical Billing Services

Really?? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But to be fair, it might be possible to offer medical billing work at home services in certain situations. For example, the person who already has some experience with medical billing and is available to work and see clients at least a few hours a day Monday through Thursday (some medical providers take Fridays off) might be able to get a few doctors and make some extra money doing medical claims processing at home part time. Or the person who wants to work at home part time who plans to use their earnings more as a supplement to the total household income, and who can convince some doctors to use them, may find it viable. But stumbling blocks exist; read on to see what they are.

The challenges of providing work at home medical billing services part time are numerous. For example: Let's assume you have a full time job working 9 to 5. First, those hours pose a problem, for the following reasons:

  1. Most doctors also work 9 to 5. When will you be able to meet with these prospective clients?
  2. If you are lucky enough to get your first doctor, how will you do the most important part of your job--following up on unpaid or underpaid insurance claims-- since most insurance companies are only available form 8 to 5 EST?

  3. What will happen when your doctors or their patients need to reach you?
  4. When will you handle problems with your medical billing software or clearinghouse?
  5. When will your tackle issues with your medical claims clearinghouse?

OK, suppose you have the ability to work flexible hours, or nights/weekends, and can free up time from 9 to 5. Another major factor is that it can be extremely difficult to get a doctor to hand over his medical billing to you. Just getting an appointment to make the case why you should be trusted to do their billing is not easy; then you will have just a few minutes to convince them that even though you may have no experience in the field as of yet, you can do the job.

Patience and persistence is key: we know of successful medical billing companies that have taken a year or more to get their first client and far more people who have invested in a medical opportunity but never got a single doctor.

work at home medical billing part time

Don't become one of those people: get together your best Marketing strategies in order to get that all-important first doctor. Don't know where to start? Fortunately, we do:) see our Marketing section for tips and techniques to not only get in the office door, but convince the doctor that you can do the job.

So is it possible to do work at home medical billing part time? Yes, it's certainly possible, and if you can secure a few doctors as clients, it can be a good choice. But unlike the hyped up claims you may have heard, working at medical billing part time will not yield you loads of money--working part time will bring you a nice supplemental income which you will probably not be able to live on alone.

Even if you are able to commit to building your business full time, the odds of you making huge money from your medical billing opportunity are rather slim. Yes, it is possible to make a good living working full time providing work at home medical billing services, but you need to do your homework. Take your time to really study this medical billing opportunity or any other home business opportunity.

If, though, you are not sure work at home medical billing is for you, we have provided some additional outside resources we think you will find helpful below:

Alternative Work at Home Ideas

If, after a careful study, you find that work at home medical billing may not work for you, that doesn't mean you can't find a different work at home business opportunity that will. The problem is finding the right one for YOU. Typically, any business opportunity that mentions the words "Get-Rich-Quick" or "Make $1000 a day without working" or anything else that sounds to good to be true, probably is. But solid opportunities DO exist.

In fact, we were looking for an opportunity ourselves, and that's how we started thinking about creating THIS website, and how Everything Medical began.

Here's how we got started, and how YOU can, too...

Medical billing opportunity

Ideally, you would want to find something that you're really good at and enjoy doing. Think of what you are truly passionate about... It might be cooking, crafts, gardening, children, sports, woodworking, saving money or investing, etc... Thanks to the internet, you have the chance to turn almost anything into an additional income stream.

We have found two resources that we feel you will find very informative. The first is a site that will be helpful to anyone who is determined to follow their PASSION

The second site is tailored more for the mom who wants to work from home. Here you will be able to access the popular WAHM (Work At Home Moms) Masters Course for free.

We hope you find these sites helpful in your search for the best home business for you and your family.

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