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Many Wisconsin medical billing schools online and on college campuses provide Badger State residents with a number of medical coding and billing schools from which to choose. The University of Wisconsin System has 13 public four year schools and another 13 two year schools; in addition, over 150 EAB approved private technical schools exist in the state.

Wisconsin Medical Billing Schools Online

The quality of medical coding and billing schools, especially those offered online, can vary quite a bit. Be sure to do due diligence in thoroughly researching any medical billing school before putting your money into it. Instruction should be provided by qualified teachers who have had direct experience in the medical billing field.

Schools which are accredited must meet minimum educational requirements in order to receive that status; prospective students may want to narrow their search to those who have achieved accreditation, though good schools without that designation can be found.

Many good programs offer career placement assistance after coursework is complete; be sure to interview current or former students to see how much assistance is actually given, and other details about the program.

We know of one woman who was told she would be given such assistance and upon completion of her coursework she was simply e-mailed a list of medical practitioners in her area--something she could have researched on her own.

Be sure any program you consider offers a liberal amount of hands-on experience. Some medical coding and billing schools offer internships at area medical facilities for real-world experience (and a possible reference) that is hard to duplicate in the classroom.

If that is not offered, billing documents and software which simulates an actual billing practice can be a decent substitute; your experience with coursework should closely mimic what you will be doing on the job after your medical billing training is over. 

Wisconsin Employment Opportunities

After your coursework at Wisconsin medical billing schools online or on campus is completed, the best opportunities for employment can be found in the urban areas of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, and Appleton WI.

The US Department of Labor Conducts bi-annual wage data surveys nationwide to determine prevailing wages for various industries. For 2014, the most recent wage data available, medical billing professionals in Wisconsin earned a mean hourly wage of $18.19 and a mean annual wage of $37,830. Specific areas of the state reported the following wages:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Milwaukee - Waukesha - West Allis, WI $18.37 $38,210
Racine, WI $17.34 $36,080
Lake County - Kenosha County, WI $18.94 $39,400
Janesville, WI $17.74 $36,900
South Central WI Non-Metropolitan Area $16.97 $35,300
South West WI Non-Metropolitan Area $15.97 $33,210
Madison, WI $20.09 $41,790
Eastern WI Non-Metropolitan Area $18.62 $38,730
Sheboygan, WI $17.29 $35,950
Fond du Lac, WI $16.37 $34,040
West Central WI Non-Metropolitan Area $19.32 $40,190
Wausau, WI $18.14 $37,730
Appleton, WI $17.50 $36,390
Northern WI Non-Metropolitan Area $16.93 $35,220
Green Bay, WI $15.76 $32,770
Eau Claire, WI $17.50 $36,400

Interestingly, wages in some of the smaller non-metropolitan areas of Wisconsin are higher than some cities: both West Central and Eastern Wisconsin's medical billing professionals are earning $40,190 and $38,730 per year respectively. 

City dwellers are fairing well, though, particularly in Madison ($41,790 per year), Wausau ($37,730 per year) and Milwaukee - Waukesha - West Allis ($38,210 per year).

Overall, long term job prospects look solid in the medical billing field. Thoroughly researching your options and setting specific career goals will help you find the best program to fit your needs.

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