Utah Medical Billing Coding School Options

A number of Utah medical billing coding school options exist to fulfill students educational goals. Utahns may choose from campus based community colleges or technical schools, as well as quality medical billlng schools online which offer programs in billing and coding.

Utah Medical Billing Coding School

Because of the growing popularity of medical billing, as well as some misinformation circulating about huge potential earnings and the ability to easily work from home with little to no experience, some programs have sprung up which are of questionable quality or are even outright scams. Online medical billing school programs are most prone to this, although quality programs that offer a good education DO exist.

Generally speaking, campus based programs tend to be more trustworthy, but researching all your options thoroughly is vital to ensuring you enroll in a quality program which will meet your needs.

So how can you tell a quality school from a questionable one? Be on the lookout for these warning signs:

  • Programs that promise a certain income level after graduation
  • Coursework that lasts only 3-6 months
  • Schools where you can find no physical address or phone number
  • Programs that require large sums of money up front
  • Coursework with a narrow range of topics; courses should cover anatomy and physiology, health care laws and ethics, ICD-9 coding,and insurance abuse and fraud

Once you have narrowed your search of medical billing coding school options, further digging will help you find a good program. Do an internet search of the program you are interested in, along with the words "complaint" or "scam" to see if any negative reports turn up. Do a similar search with the names of the people in charge of the program; some questionable programs get shut down, only to have their operators open a new school under a new name.

Watchdog organizations like the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission keep complaints on file; contact each to see if the Utah medical billing coding school you are considering in on one of their lists.

Get a list of references and call them--ask specific and detailed questions about how much hands-on training students receive, and how well prepared for the job market alumni feel. 

Post Utah Medical Billing School Employment

The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) conducts bi-annual wage data reports. The BLS reports that in 2014 (the latest wage data available) the mean hourly wage for medical billing specialists in Utah was $17.69, and the mean annual wage was $36,800, up an average of over $5,000 per year from 2010. Specific areas of Utah reported the following:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage +/- Change Since 2010
Salt Lake City, UT $18.87 $39,240 +7.5K
Provo - Orem, UT $16.86 $35,070 +5K
Ogden - Clearfield, UT $15.67 $32,600 -1K
Logan, UT-ID area $17.59 $36,600 +4.5
St. George, UT $13.72 $28,530 +$600
Eastern Utah Non-Metropolitan Area $16.64 $34,620 +4.4K

Although some disappointing decreases in wages in a small area of the state were uncovered, most areas of Utah experienced robust increases in salary, with Salt Lake City recording an impressive 7.5K gain in annual salary in the four year span between 2010 and 2014! 

Utah's long term job outlook in medical billing is excellent. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Utah's population surged a whopping 23.8% in the ten year period from 2000 to 2010.

With that increased population comes an increased demand for healthcare and more medical billing specialists to keep the billing and reimbursement cycle going. This makes investing in your education at a Utah medical billing coding school a positive career move.

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