Traditional and Online Schools for Medical Billing In New Jersey

New Jersey offers many options for both traditional and online schools for medical billing. The expanding need for more workers in the healthcare industry in general, and specifically for medical billing and coding professionals, makes this an attractive employment option.

Online Schools for Medical Billing

In order to separate the good programs from the bad, be sure to do your due diligence in researching a program. One good way to begin is to be sure your program is Accredited. Accreditation ensures certain quality standards are met and that coursework covers all required topics in sufficient depth.

Be sure any program you are considering offers opportunity for Hands-On work in the billing field to give you real world type experience.

Ask for references and call them. Ask detailed questions about how coursework prepares students for the work world, and if any job placement assistance is available--and if so, what kind. Find out what percentage of graduates find work in a reasonable amount of time.

Asking these questions and more will help you determine if a program meets your specific employment goals for the future.

Post New Jersey Online Schools for Medical Billing Employment

Urban areas such as Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and Elizabeth offer the most opportunity for employment in the medical billing field, but as the state with the greatest population density in the nation, an abundance of medical facilities, practitioners' offices, and clinics makes employment opportunities available throughout the state.

New Jersey's many hospitals also employ a large number of medical billing professionals. Large hospitals such as Bergen Regional Medical Center in Paramus, N.J.,Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and the Atlantic Health System, which is one of the largest healthcare systems in the state of New Jersey, are among the largest employers.

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts bi-annual wage surveys, and reports the following data for 2014 (the most recent figures available):

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
New York - White Plains - Wayne, NY-NJ $22.63 $47,070
Newark - Union NJ-PA $31.26 $65,020
Edison - New Brunswick, NJ $28.66 $59,610
Trenton - Ewing, NJ $24.75 $51,470
Atlantic City - Hammonton, NJ $22.59 $46,990
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ $19.46 $40,480
Camden, NJ $26.16 $54,420

Ranking number 1 in the nation as the top paying state for the medical billing and coding field, Garden State medical billing professionals receive a mean hourly wage of $28.72, and a mean annual pay of $59,740, significantly above the national average.

Of the ten top paying metropolitan areas for medical billing in the country, four are in New Jersey:

Ranking #1 is Newark - Union, NJ, with a mean hourly rate of $31.26 and an annual rate of $65,020;

#2 is is Edison - New Brunswick, NJ, with workers bringing in $28.66 per hour and $59,610 per year;

At  #6 is Camden, NJ which pays $26.16 and $54,420 respectively. 

At #9 Trenton - Ewing, NJ, paying $24.75 per hour and $51,470 annually.

Strong demand is projected for medical billing specialists, and with excellent hourly and annual wages, as noted above, the medical coding a billing field is an excellent option for future employment.

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