North Dakota Online Schools for Medical Billing

Researching North Dakota online schools for medical billing to find a new career is key to finding quality schools which will get you the education you need. Peace Garden residents have the advantage of living in a beautiful rural state, but that can also be a disadvantage when it comes to options for both education and employment. The allure of working from home by owning your own medical billing business is attractive, but unfortunately many false or misleading claims are out there, both online and in print media.

North Dakota Online Schools for Medical Billing

Owning your own medical billing home business CAN be a good option for some, and the advent of technology makes it possible from even the most remote corners of North Dakota. But unlike the hype which claims you can make tons of money from home with only a little time and money invested in your education, the best career path toward owning your home business is probably not what you think.

North Dakota online schools for medical billing are a good option for getting your coursework completed in a convenient and flexible manner. Brick and mortar community and technical colleges are good options as well, and can offer quality programs in medical billing and coding.

With both online and campus based options, look for accreditation to ensure the programs you are considering meet certain quality standards. Certificate programs, which last from about 9 months to a year, are probably all you need if you are considering a job which focuses on just the medical billing side of the profession (as opposed to medical coding, in which employers tend to want their employees to have a two year Associate's Degree), such as a medical billing home business, or working in a medical practitioner's office doing the medical billing for their practice. 

Once people complete their North Dakota online schools for medical billing training, many believe they will be able to start their own medical billing home business immediately.

This sounds great, but isn't very realistic. Most doctors are not willing to sign on with a new medical billing home business because they have no experience. So how do you get the necessary experience to convince a doctor to use your services?

The best way to gain such experience is to plan not to start your medical billing home business right away, but to work for a medical practitioner (or insurance company, or similar venue) where you will get the experience you need. Do this for at least a year, and you will then have the requisite experience you need to start a viable medical billing business home business.

While you are researching North Dakota online schools for medical billing, look for programs which offer you hands-on training which will then enable you to land a job with a medical provider. Ideally, some programs offer internships or other job-shadowing opportunities in a real work setting. These types of features are the ones to look for, and on which you should place emphasis when deciding which program to select.

Post North Dakota Online Schools For Medical Billing Employment

The greatest numbers of medical practitioner offices can be found in larger cities such as Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, Mandan, Dickinson, Jamestown, Williston, and Wahpeton. The U.S Department of Labor ( reports that in 2014 (the latest wage data available), medical billing specialists in North Dakota made a mean hourly wage of $17.24  and a mean annual wage of $35,860. Specific areas of the state also reported the following wage data:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage +/- Change Since 2010
Fargo, ND $18.31 $38,080 +6K
Bismark, ND $15.85 $32,980 +$180
East Central ND $17.30 $35,990 +3K
West Central ND $16.46 $34,241 +4K
Far Western ND $18.11 $37,680 +10K

Medical billing specialists in North Dakota have fared extremely well overall, making impressive gains in salary over the last few years. Far western municipalities saw a whopping $10,000 annual increase in salary over the past four years, while most other areas of the state grew as well. Notably, though, Bismark wages remained stagnant; signs are good that they will soon "catch up" to their counterparts elsewhere in the state soon.

Becoming a medical billing professional is a solid career choice, as long as you understand the realities of the job, and are not swayed by unrealistic hype. Starting a medical billing home business can also be a reality if you plan accordingly and get the experience you need to be successful.

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