New York Medical Coding and Billing Schools

New York Medical Coding and Billing Schools are gaining in popularity. As the population ages, the demand for medical treatment, and thus medical billing services, is on the increase. Today's students have many options, from convenient online courses to more traditional brick and mortar schools, making educational opportunities for Coding and Billing Specialists more accessible than ever.

Medical Coding and Billing Schools

Medical Coding and Billing often go hand-in-hand, but are slightly different. When a patient sees a medical professional, each procedure or diagnosis is documented by being assigned a specific medical "code". These must done accurately in order for the medical practice to be paid by the insurance company. A Medical Coding professional is trained how to assign these codes; in large facilities, such as hospitals, a Medical Coder's job description might be limited to this area of expertise; however, in smaller practices employees in this field are also responsible for such tasks as:

  • Submitting documentation of care to insurance companies
  • Completing medical insurance claim forms
  • Handling day-to-day medical billing procedures
  • Explaining insurance benefits to patients
  • Processing bills to insurance companies
  • Sending out patient bills

Employers are increasingly expecting employees to have solid Medical Coding and Billing skills, and education is key to acquiring that knowledge. 

As you evaluate the various New York medical coding and billing schools, first consider your employment goals. For example, if you plan to work in a smaller doctor's office, you will probably not need in-depth expertise in medical coding since you will most likely not be required to actually apply procedure codes; a basic understanding and knowledge of coding will suffice. If, however, you plan to work at in a hospital setting where coding is a job requirement, look for programs that emphasize coding.

With all New York medical coding and billing schools, look for Accredited programs that offer solid hands-on learning in a real-world setting. Ask for references and speak to several graduates of the program. Ascertain how well prepared they felt for their current employment and how much assistance, if any, they got with job placement. Doing your due diligence will help you uncover quality New York medical coding and billing schools that meet your career goals.

Post New York Medical Coding and Billing Schools Employment

Whether you are looking to be a Medical Coding Specialist or a Billing Professional, New York has many opportunities for employment once you finish your coursework.

NYC's many hospitals and medical offices provide ample jobs, and the entire Tri-State region has a large demand for Medical Coders and Billers. Upstate New York, with major cities such as Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany, also offer good opportunities in the Medical Billing and Coding field.

Rural residents of New York may want to consider online Medical Billing Schools as an attractive option, although many residents of urban areas or Long Island may find the convenience of not needing to commute to school more appealing. Opportunities for starting a medical billing business from home in the Empire State are also an option since virtually all the administrative tasks associated with the profession can be done remotely from a home office.

According the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ( the New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ Metropolitan Division ranks fourth for metropolitan areas with the highest employment level in this occupation, with an hourly mean wage of $22.63, and an annual mean wage of $47,070.

Statewide, New York ranks fifth for states with the highest employment level in this occupation, and averages $20.31 per hour and $42,250 annually. A total of 8,500 medical billing specialist and related jobs can be found across the state.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts bi-annual wage data survey; for the most recent survey results in 2014, specific cities and municipalities in New York report the following:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
New York - White Plains - Wayne, NY-NJ $22.63 $47,070
Pougkeepsie, NY $17.58 $36,570
Kingston, NY $16.51 $34,340
Albany - Schenectady - Troy, NY $16.17 $33,630
Glen Falls, NY $16.27 $33,840
Capital District - Northern NY Non-Metropolitan Area $17.44 $36,280
Utica - Rome, NY $18.63 $38,750
Syracuse, NY $18.33 $38,120
Ithaca, NY $16.65 $34,640
Binghampton, NY $15.53 $32,300
Elmira, NY $17.04 $35,450
Southwest NY Non-Metropolitan Area $16.66 $34,660
Rochester, NY $18.82 $35,450
Buffalo - Niagra Falls, NY $20.07 $41,750

Overall, in the two year period between the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys in 2012 and 2014, wages across the state have increased an average of over $3,000 annually, and in the New York - White Plains - Wayne area the increase was over $5,000 per year.

Job prospects continue to look strong in the Empire State, making an entry into the medical coding and billing field an attractive option.

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