New Hampshire Medical Billing Online School Options

Many New Hampshire medical billing online school and college programs exist for students looking for educational opportunities in the medical billing and coding field. The University System of NH has seven public colleges, the Community College system has seven two year colleges, and New Hampshire is also home to 19 private universities, many of which have medical billing programs. In addition, a number of online medical billing schools offer Granite State residents convenience and flexibility.

New Hampshire Medical Billing Online School

Educational options range from certificate, diploma and degree programs.Certificate programs typically last from 9 months to a year, and Associate's Degree programs are usually about 2 years in duration. Because the content and quality (especially online options) of various medical billing and coding programs can vary significantly, researching prospective programs is key.

Any New Hampshire medical billing school online should be taught by instructors who have had direct experience in the medical billing field. Medical billing professionals who have successfully run their own medical billing and coding business from home, as well as those with experience in a medical practitioner's office, are a top consideration. If a program does not offer instructors with real-world experience, that may be one to cross off your list.

Be sure your program will cover the topics relevant to your employment goals; if your plan is to open your own medical billing business, be sure coursework includes education on how to run your own business: how to choose the appropriate medical billing software, how to write a business plan, and how to price your services, for example.

If your aim is to work in a hospital setting, be sure your course offers a liberal amount of medical coding, which may be required of a job in that setting. Finally, be sure your program offers a large amount of hands-on experience. Looking at a power-point presentation about how to do billing is no substitute for actually experiencing the billing and reimbursement cycle, either in an internship or with detailed mock-documents for you to practice on.

Post New Hampshire Medical Billing Online School Employment

After your New Hampshire medical billing online school education is complete, the best opportunities for employment can be found in Portsmouth, Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Derry, Rochester, and Salem.

New Hampshirites will be pleased to learn that the U.S. Department of Labor ( lists Western New Hampshire as #5 in the country for top paying non-metropolitan areas for medical billing and coding. Medical billing specialists there earn a mean hourly wage of $18.07 and a mean annual wage of $37,590. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Conducts bi-annual wage analyses; for 2014 (the most recent figures) specific areas in New Hampshire report the following wage data:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Nashua, NH $16.72 $34,770
Manchester, NH $17.90 $37,240
Portsmouth, NH $16.91 $35,170
Rochester - Dover, NH $20.63 $42,910
Northern NH Non-metropolitan Area $15.52 $32,280
Western NH Non-Metropolitan Area $20.31 $42,240
Other NH Non-Metropolitan Area $17.54 $36,470

The U.S. Census Bureau reports a 6.5% growth in population from 2000 to 2010, which means an increased need for healthcare in the state, and thus for medical billing services. The long term job outlook is good for healthcare and related industries like medical billing, making this a good option for employment after your New Hampshire medical billing online school completion.

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