Mississippi Online Schools for Medical Billing

Multiple Mississippi online schools for medical billing are available to get you the education you need for a new career as a medical billing specialist. In addition, many of the Magnolia State's 15 community & junior colleges, 8 private colleges and 10 public universities offer programs in medical coding and billing.

Mississippi Online Schools for Medical Billing

In order to get the best education and career preparation, look for programs that:

  • Are Accredited.  Many quality programs are available; unfortunately, many poor programs with sub-standard teachers, little opportunity for hands-on learning, or outright scams exist. Accreditation can help separate the quality programs from the undesirable ones.
  • Give opportunities for Hands-On Learning. Receiving training in a real-world scenario will be invaluable to you as you begin working in the field. 
  • Align their program to your goals. Programs with an emphasis on Medical Coding, for example, may not be necessary if your goal is to work in a smaller practitioner's office where you will not be required to do the coding yourself.

Medical billing specialists can find employment in a variety of settings, including individual or group medical practitioner's offices, hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, nursing homes, or being self employed by owning their own medical billing home business.

Is Running a Billing Business From Home For You?

A great deal of hype and exaggerated claims of high income levels being achieved by owning your own medical billing home business have circulated in both print and online sources in the last few years. Beware of any Mississippi online schools for medical billing that sound too good to be true, or which promise you huge profits from very little effort. But owning your own medical billing business home business can be a good career for some people, particularly those who are:

  • Organized: Keeping track of the individual claims in the billing and reimbursement cycle, and keeping the process flowing smoothly, efficiently, and in a timely manner is essential.
  • Highly Motivated: Breaking into the billing business can be difficult with no track record to show prospective clients. Make no mistake: it's hard to get a doctor to sign up when you have no proven track record. You must get creative when trying to sign up your first doctor--in order to gain their trust, you often must prove your experience, which is hard to do. Find ways to gain experience either by taking a medical billing program that provides an internship or other on the job work experience you could get a good reference from. Or find a small practice to offer your services for free for a few months, thereby gaining valuable experience, a reference, or perhaps even that practice's billing business. Alternatively, consider working in a medical practitioner's office for a year or two to gain work experience you can show, and a good reference you can take with you.
  • Self-Disciplined: Sure, it would be great to roll out of bed at 10am every day and put in a few hours of work and make lots of money, but reality is that running your own medical billing home business takes time, effort, and hard work. Being able to set the alarm and get up early like you would going into an office setting, then avoiding all the distractions of working from home and actually getting work done are key.

If working for yourself is your goal, research Mississippi online schools for medical billing which give you coursework in setting up your own business. Topics should include choosing appropriate medical billing software, pricing your services competitively, and writing a solid business plan you can stick to. Ask to speak with instructors and both current and former students who have similar goals as your own, then find out how well prepared they feel for opening their own medical billing home business.

Medical Billing Employment Opportunities
Post Mississippi Online Schools for Medical Billing

Once your education at one of the Mississippi online schools for medical billing is complete, the best opportunities for employment can be found in urban areas such as Jackson,Gulfport, Biloxi, Greenville or Meridian where many medical practitioners are based. Rural areas, however, are increasingly popular places for starting your own medical billing home business. Owning your own business can significantly increase your earning potential (though as we have already covered, six figures are not the norm), and technology has enabled business owners to work far from the medical practitioners they service.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) surveys a wide range of jobs nationwide and provides wage data every two years.

In 2014, the most recent BLS survey, Northeast Mississippi ranked #3 nationally for non-metropolitan areas with the highest employment in the medical billing and coding field, with 540 medical billing specialists, who earned a mean hourly wage of $12.39 and a mean annual wage of $25,760.

In addition, the Southeast Mississippi non-metropolitan area ranked #4 nationally for non-metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of jobs and location quotients in this occupation, with 520 medical billing professionals employed at a mean rate of $13.91 and $28,920 respectively.

Finally, Hattisburg ranks #6 nationally for metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of jobs, with 220 jobs.Other areas of Mississippi report the following wages for 2014:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage +/- Change Since 2012
Jackson, MS $16.19 $33,680 +4.5K
Hattiesburg, MS $16.70 $34,7300 +10K
Pascagoula, MS $16.92 $35,180 +6.5K
Northwest MS $13.86 $28,880 +4.5K
Northeast MS $12.39 $25,760 +1K
Southwest MS $15.25 $31,720 +3K
Southeast MS $13.91 $28,920 +1.5K
Gulfport - Biloxi MS $16.16 $33,610 +3.5K

It's great news that all areas of Mississippi have seen increases in salary over the past few years. Most impressive is Hattisburg, with a whopping $10,000 increase in annual income over the last BLS wage report. Other bright spots include Pascagoula (+6.5K), Jackson (+4.5K) and the smaller municipalities of Northwest MS (+4.5K).

This increase in annual income, coupled with a 4.3% percent increase in population from 2000 to 2010 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), shows that overall long term job outlook in the medical billing and coding field continues to be positive.

And, as healthcare needs continue to increase for a larger population, demand for the related services of medical billing will also increase proportionally, making Mississippi online schools for medical billing worth looking into seriously.

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