Minnesota Medical Billing Coding School Options

Many Minnesota medical billing coding school options are available to meet the various needs of prospective students. Minnesota boasts nearly 200 post-secondary institutions, including 30 two year community and/or technical colleges, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system of 31 public colleges and universities, many of which offer programs in medical billing and coding. In addition, a number of online programs offer Minnesotans the flexibility and convenience of working from home at their own pace.

Minnesota medical billing coding school

Land of 10,000 Lakes residents should thoroughly research each medical billing and coding program you are considering before committing to one. Be sure the program's content matches your educational/employment goals.

For example, if you are planning to open a home-based medical billing business, be sure the coursework includes information on how to successfully set up and run your own business--topics such as writing a business plan, selecting a clearinghouse, evaluating and choosing good medical billing software, and pricing your services.

If you are planning to work in a hospital setting where the emphasis is more on the coding side of medical billing and coding, be sure your program emphasizes coding (not all do).

Often the best way to determine the quality and focus of a program is to ask specific, detailed questions of instructors and both current and former students.

Any Minnesota medical billing coding school should provide you with a list of references to call if you ask; if you are met with evasion or a list is not readily forthcoming, you may consider looking elsewhere.

Find out if graduates of the program feel they were adequately prepared for employment. Determine what kind of career placement assistance is provided, if any, and what percentage of students find employment.

We know of one woman who was promised career placement assistance and who simply received a printout of the doctors in her area, which she was then expected to call herself; needless to say, this was not what she was envisioning.

Upon completion of a Minnesota medical billing coding school program, the best employment opportunities will be found in urban areas such as the Twin Cities, Rochester, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, and Eagan.

The US Department of Labor conducts wage surveys every two years, the most recent in 2014. Minnesota wages are above the national average in most areas of the state; Billing professionals earn a mean hourly wage of $20.76 and a mean annual wage of $43,170 as opposed to the national average of $18.68 and $38,860 respectively. Medical billing specialists in other Minnesota locations earn the following:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage Change Since 2012
Duluth, MN $21.12 $43,930 +11K
Rochester, MN $23.60 $49,090 +3K
Northwest MN $19.70 $40,980 +5K
Southeast MN $18.67 $38,830 +4K
Northeast MN $19.36 $40,280 +4K
Southwest MN $18.47 $38,420 +6K
Mankato - North Mankato MN $18.23 $37,920 +3K
St.Cloud, MN $20.23 $42,010 +6K
Minneapolis - St. Paul - Bloomington MN-WI $20.77 $43,190 +6K

Wages have jumped an impressive $11,000 per year in Duluth since the last BLS Wage Report in 2012; indeed, all areas of the state are reporting significant increases in salary. This is excellent news for those both in the field, and those looking toward a career in medical coding and billing.

With the U.S. Census Bureau reporting a 7.8% population increase from 2000 to 2010, and thus a corresponding increase in healthcare needs (and related services such as medical billing), the medical billing and coding field should enjoy good long-term job growth and will continue to offer good employment options for the future.

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