Medical Billing Specialist School Options in DC

Great news for medical billing specialist school graduates in the District of Columbia--DC proper ranks as the #1 top paying "state"  in the country, with an annual mean wage of $69,100!  DC has a number of post secondary educational opportunities with an attractive mix of community and technical colleges as well as public and private four year university options. In addition, DC residents may opt for an online medical billing and coding program, which offers additional convenience and flexibility.

Medical Billing Specialist School

When searching for the best medical billing specialist school, thorough research is imperative to be sure the program you choose meets your educational goals. Aligning the coursework offered with your intended job setting will help you choose the right program; for example, if you are interested in opening your own medical billing business, be sure the coursework covers how to set up your business with the appropriate medical billing and coding software, establish competitive pricing for your services, and write a solid business plan. Check to see that the teaching staff is well versed in real-world medical billing experience by having worked in the profession. And perhaps most importantly, be sure to interview both instructors and current and former students to ascertain whether the program delivers what it promises in the literature.

After you finish your coursework at your chosen medical billing specialist school, you may opt for employment in a number of settings. Look beyond the many family practice doctors to some less-considered specialties such as Orthodontist offices, Chiropractors, Physical and Occupational therapist offices, and the like.

The U.S. Department of Labor conducts wage data surveys every two years. For 2014, the most recent survey available, the Washington, DC - Arlington, VA - Alexandria, VA ranks #8 in the nation for top paying metropolitan areas in the medical billing field. Medical billing professionals there earn a mean hourly wage of $25.42 and mean annual wage of $52,870, which is significantly above the national averages of $17.26 and $35,900 respectively. This is an enormous increase of almost $10,000 per year over the wage data report in 2012--well above most areas of the country.

In addition, neighboring Maryland ranks #4 in the nation for top paying states with an hourly rate of $21.96 and an annual rate of $45,670. And relatively close by is the #1 top non-metropolitan area in the country: St. Mary's County, MD pays a mean hourly wage of $24.58 and a mean annual wage of $51,130. 

With a population growth rate of 5.2% from 2000 to 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, increased need for healthcare and ancillary services such as medical billing and coding should make long term job outlook good in the medical billing and coding field.

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