Medical Billing Schools in Tennessee

Medical billing schools in Tennessee offer prospective students a number of educational options. Tennessee boasts 10 private universities, 13 public community colleges, 27 Technology Centers, and a number of online medical billing school programs, many of which offer programs in medical billing.

Medical Billing Schools in Tennessee

Program offerings at medical billing schools in Tennessee range from certificate, diploma and degree programs; determining which is best for you will depend on your employment goals.

Those planning to focus on medical coding may want to consider an Associate's Degree program, which typically lasts 2 years since employers tend to expect more detailed coursework in medical coding, which is not always offered in a general medical billing program.

Those considering opening a home based medical billing business will benefit from coursework which covers setting up a home business, including how to choose appropriate medical billing software, how to price your services, and how to write a good business plan.

As you research various programs, especially online medical billing school options (the quality of which can vary widely), ask to speak with both instructors and current and former students. They will give you an accurate picture of what the program actually involves, and you will be able to quickly narrow your search to programs which match your needs.

Ask about the instructor's experience in the medical billing and coding field, the availability of career placement assistance (if any), and the success rate of placing students in jobs after coursework is complete. Their insight is much more valuable than any information those glossy brochures can convey. 

 Employment Opportuntieis In Tennessee

After your education at one of the medical billing schools in Tennessee is complete, most employment opportunities can be found in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, and Murfreesboro.

Often the first place newly trained medical billing professionals look for jobs is at a family practice. While this is a fine choice, often overlooked specialties such as offices of occupational and physical therapists or dentists, nursing homes, or urgent care centers (to name just a few) are good options which may receive fewer job inquiries. Think outside the box to reduce the competition.

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics ( conducts bi-annual wage data surveys. Overall, medical billing professionals in Tennessee can expect to earn a mean hourly wage of $16.41 and a mean annual wage of $34.140

For 2014 (the most recent survey year) these areas of Tennessee report the following data:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Morristown, TN $14.92 $31,040
Eastern TN Non-Metropolitan Areas $16.41 $34,130
Knoxville, TN $15.12 $31,440
Kingsport - Bristol - Bristol TN-VA $16.47 $34,250
Johnson City, TN $16.97 $35,300
Chattanooga, TN $16.77 $34,880
North Central TN Non-Metropolitan Areas $15.11 $31,420
Nashville - Davidson - Murfreesboro - Franklin, TN $17.27 $35,930
South Central TN Non-Metropolitan Area $14.29 $39,230
Clarksville TN-KY $14.51 $30,180
Western TN Non-Metropolitan Areas $14.36 $29,870
Jackson, TN $14.87 $30,920
Memphis, TN $17.04 $35,440

Jackson, TN ranks #1 in the Nation for areas with the highest concentration of jobs in the medical billing field, with 280 jobs in the industry. 

Salaries across the state generally fall in the low to mid 30K range, but standout areas such as Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City, Chattanooga, Nashville, Davidson, Murfreesboro, Franklin and Memphis all fall on the higher side, in the 34K-35K range.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Tennessee has experienced an 11.5% population increase during the ten year period from 2000 to 2010, largely due to a number of people relocating from several northern states, Florida and California.

The low cost of living, coupled with the booming automobile and healthcare industries make Tennessee an attractive place to live. The increased need for healthcare this population increase necessitates makes the medical billing and coding field a solid employment option for long term job security in the industry.

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