Medical Billing Schools in Michigan

Many medical billing schools in Michigan are available to meet the varied needs of students looking to enter the medical billing and coding field. The Great Lakes State offers 47 private colleges and universities, 16 public universities, 30 public community colleges, several technical schools and a tribally controlled school. Many of these offer a variety of medical billing programs; many online courses which offer additional flexibility and convenience are also available.

Medical Billing Schools in Michigan

When researching medical billing schools in Michigan, it is important to determine what your specific educational goals are, and then find programs which lean toward your future employment plans. For example, those hoping to work in a large facility, such as a hospital, should be sure coursework covers medical coding in depth as this may be more of a focus in such a job.

But for those looking to start a medical billing business at home, coursework should include information on how to successfully start up a home business and cover things like writing a business plan, choosing the appropriate medical billing software, and setting up a reasonable pricing structure for your services. Related fields, like medical transcription, require specific coursework in that subject, as it is not offered in a general medical billing program.

Determine whether the program delivers on its promises. Many programs (especially some questionable online programs) sound good, but then fail to live up to what is advertised. Speaking with instructors and both current and former students is an easy way to weed out those undesirable programs and focus on the better ones. Ask for references you can call--if you are met with evasion that is a big red flag and you may want to look elsewhere for a better program. When interviewing students and staff, find out what kind of job placement assistance is given, if any, and what kind of placement success rate they have.

Medical Billing Schools in Michigan  and Employment Options

After your education at one of the medical billing schools in Michigan is complete, the best opportunities for employment are in the urban areas of Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. 

The growing popularity of opening a medical billing business from home may be attractive to those in rural Michigan. For example, Michiganders in The U.P. may leverage current technology to work from home billing for clients in the south of the state or beyond Michigan's borders. We know of one couple running a successful medical billing business from home where the majority of the doctors they bill for work in Georgia.

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts wage surveys for a wide variety of jobs every two years. As of 2014, the most recent survey year, the mean wage of medical billing specialists in Michigan was $18.02 per hour and $37,490 annually. Other areas of Michigan report the following wage data:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Lower Peninsula Non-Metropolitan Area $17.02 $35,390
South Bend - Mishawaka, IN-MI $16.18 $33,660
Niles - Benton Harbor, MI $19.55 $40,660
Kalamazoo - Portage, MI $16.77 $34,870
Battle Creek, MI $19.48 $40,510
Ann Arbor, MI $23.06 $47,970
Detroit - Livona - Dearborn, MI $17.21 $35,790
Warren - Troy - Farmington Hills, MI $17.21 $35,800
Flint, MI $17.67 $36,760
Grand Rapids - Wyoming, MI $16.90 $35,140
Holland - Grand Haven, MI $16.59 $34,500
Muskegon - Norton Shores, MI $15.59 $32,430
Saginaw - Saginaw Township, MI $19.82 $41,220
Northeast Lower Peninsula Non-Metropolitan Area $16.79 $34,920
Northwest Lower Peninsula Non-Metropolitan Area $17.85 $37,130
Upper Peninsula Non-Metropolitan Area $17.16 $35,700

Although the mean wage of medical coding and billing specialists in Michigan hovers around the national average ($18.68 hourly and $38,860 annually), several Michigan cities really stand out. Niles, Benton Harbor, Battle Creek, Saginaw and Saginaw Township report mean annual wages north of the $40,000 mark, and a real bright spot is Ann Arbor at $47,970 per year.

This and other economic indicators show that Michigan's economy is recovering after several tough years. The entire healthcare industry, including medical billing and coding, shows good long-term job outlook which makes it an attractive industry for future employment.

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