Medical Billing Schools in Indiana

Medical billing schools in Indiana provide students with a range of educational options to meet various employment goals in the medical billing field. With over 50 colleges and universities of all types, and a number of online medical coding and billing schools, Hoosier State residents should be able to find a program that best fits their specific needs.

All good medical billing schools in Indiana should meet a number of criteria.

  • First, coursework should thoroughly cover the subject matter that prospective students expect to use once they get a job. For example, those opting to open their own medical billing home business should look for topics that include how to set up a home business--from writing a business plan, choosing the appropriate type of medical billing software, and establishing competitive pricing. Those interested in the related field of medical transcription should ensure their program covers this topic; most general medical billing programs do not.
  • Second, prospective students should research the quality and reputation of any program they are considering. Accreditation is one way to separate programs; accreditation means programs have achieved a minimum standard of quality and may be a deciding factor. A number of good programs can be found, however, which are not accredited--especially online. In this case, thoroughly checking references and researching any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau may help determine quality.
  • Third, be sure all instructors have real-world experience in the medical billing field, either in a medical practitioner setting or by running a home based medical billing business. There is no substitute for experience.
  • Fourth, ask to speak with both instructors and current and former students. Asking them specific questions about the program will help you separate the good from the bad quickly, and help you determine if your goals match their program offerings.

Medical Billing Schools in Indiana and Employment 

Once your training at one of the medical billing schools in Indiana is completed, the best opportunities for employment will be found in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Hammond, Bloomington, Muncie, Anderson, and Terre Haute where a large number of medical practitioners have offices.

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics ( conducts wage surveys for a wide variety of jobs every two years. The most recent report, in 2014, reports the following wage data for specific areas of Indiana:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage +/- Change Since 2012
Fort Wayne, IN $17.33 $36,040 +2.5K
Central IN Non-metropolitan Area $16.33 $33,980 +2.5K
Muncie, IN $15.19 $31,590 -$330
Columbus, IN $16.61 $34,560 No Change
Southern IN Non-metropolitan Area $16.88 $35,110 +3K
Anderson, IN $20.92 $43,510 +11K
Indianapolis - Carmel, IN $18.02 $37.470 +5K
Terre Haute, IN $17.76 $36,950 +$200K
Gary, IN $15.63 $32,520 -1.5K
Michigan City - La Porte, IN $15.86 $32,990 -$700
South Bend - Mishawaka, IN $16.18 $33,660 No Change
Elkhart - Goshen, IN $16.55 $34,410 +$100
Bloomington, IN $15.83 $32,930 +2K
Lafayette, IN $15.57 $32,390 +$800
Evansville, IN-KY $14.56 $30,290 +1K
Northern IN Non-Metropolitan area $16.90 $30,140 +1.5K

As you can see from the wage data above, most areas of Indiana saw at least modest gains over the two years between the BLS reports in 2012 and 2014. While there were some disappointing losses in annual income, notably Gary, Indiana where medical billing professionals saw their wages drop by an average of $1,500 per year, Indiana also saw some incredible gains. Anderson, Indiana, medical billing specialists saw their wages increase a whopping $11,000 per year since 2012! Other winners were Indianapolis, with a $5,000 gain; Fort Wayne and many of the smaller municipalities of Central Indiana saw a $2,500 increase; and Bloomington, Evansville, and both the Southern and Northern non-metropolitan areas saw between a $1,000 to $3,000 increase.

In addition.The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Indiana gained 6.6% in population from 2000 to 2010; with an increased need for healthcare and related fields like medical billing, job prospects in medical billing and coding are good for the long term.

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