Medical Billing Schools in Georgia

Medical billing schools in Georgia offer a number of options for prospective students. With 35 public colleges and universities, 42 private universities and a large number of technical and community colleges throughout the Peach State, Georgians have many choices. In addition, quality medical billing programs may be found online, providing more flexibility for students.

Medical Billing Schools in Georgia

When evaluating medical billing specialist schools, it is important to research programs thoroughly, since quality can vary quite a bit, especially with online options. Coursework should cover all aspects of the billing cycle, from initial claim submission to reimbursement from the insurance company.

Students should be schooled in CPT (Current Procedural Technology) and ICD (International Classification of Disease) Coding, and given hands-on training with medical billing software. Ideally, an internship at a medical practitioner's office or the equivalent is part of the program, but students should at least be given mock data which mimics actual medical billing procedures.Instructors should have direct experience in the medical billing field.

Finally, prospective students should talk to both instructors and students to get their view of the program--much may be learned from these interviews.

Employment Opportunities in Georgia

Once training at one of the medical billing schools in Georgia is complete, employment options are good in many areas of Georgia. According to the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics the mean hourly wage for Medical Billing Professionals in Gerogia was $17.29, while the mean annual wage was $35,960.

Though the national average of $18.68 per hour and $38,860 per year is slightly above the average in the Peach State, Georgia's relatively low cost of living (ranking #9 in the nation) makes the medical billing field an attractive one. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts wage surveys for all types of employment in the nation every two years. As of 2014, the most recent report available, the following wage data was reported:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Atlanta - Sandy Springs - Marietta, GA $18.37 $38,200
Rome, GA $15.05 $31,300
North GA non-metropolitan area $15.68 $32,620
Gainsville, GA $14.98 $31,170
Athens - Clark County, GA $15.94 $33,150
Middle GA non-metropolitan area $16.35 $34,000
East GA non-metropolitan area $14.98 $31,160
Macon, GA $15.43 $32,100
Columbus GA/AL $15.87 $33,000
Albany, GA $14.72 $30,620
South GA non-metropolitan area $15.42 $32,070
Valdosta, GA $14.77 $30,720
Augusta - Richmond County, GA/SC $18.37 $38,200

Graduates of medical billing schools in Georgia often think of family practitioners first when they begin their job search. These offices are often inundated with inquiries; job seekers should look to other specialties such as allergy and immunology, ophthalmology, or dermatology to increase their employment options. Hospitals such as Emory University Hospital, Piedmont Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, and many others throughout the state employ medical billing professionals.

The U.S. Census shows an 18.3% population increase in Georgia from 2000 to 2010, which outpaces the average growth of 9.7% in the nation. This increase in population will translate into a greater demand for healthcare, and thus for medical billing services, making medical billing an attractive field to enter.

Georgia offers the HOPE Scholarship to Georgia residents who have demonstrated a record of academic achievement; this scholarship provides funds to assist students with the educational costs of attending a Georgia college. More information can be found at

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