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Medical billing employment options can offer you great opportunity for an interesting new career. But most job seekers aiming at a career in medical billing are surprised at how broad that term can be, and about how many career options are available. But what is the best way to break into the popular health care industry? And what are the different career paths available?

An obvious path for someone new to a medical claims processing career is to get a job as a medical billing clerk for a medical practice or hospital. New graduates, upon completing their billing and coding classes, typically swarm to the nearest family practices and local hospital looking for employment(and they often face great competition).

Many of them are missing the boat.

Great entry level billing jobs exist with dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, physical therapists, medical billing companies and even insurance companies. These are often easier to obtain, because when "medical billing" is mentioned, fewer people think of these.

Other people become certified medical coders and find a job in physician offices, outpatient clinics and hospitals, but these too are just a few of the many available employment opportunities. With some experience/training you might consider broadening your career options by working for companies that deal with one or more of the following medical related services:

  • Medical Billing Assistant
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Managed Care/Fee Negotiating Services
  • Medical Transcription
  • Medical Bad Debt Collections
  • Medical Claims Analysts
  • Patient Billing Advocates
  • Medical Records and Health Information

Employment opportunities and corresponding salaries tend to look brighter after several years of successful medical billing experience. You may find more opportunities to obtain more responsibility and advance to a billing supervisor or office manager. This may lead to gaining a position with a larger medical practice and possibly becoming their business manager; this experience might also enable you to go out on your own as a consultant. And of course we should not forget the option to open your own medical billing business one day.

As you continue to explore medical billing employment, see our

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs section for a more in-depth look into:

  • Descriptions of Specific Medical Billing Jobs
  • Nature of the Work
  • Training and Qualifications Required
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Long Term Job Outlook
  • Salary/Earnings Potential

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