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Marketing your new medical billing business needs to be a priority. How will you get that all-important first doctor? And how will you set yourself apart from others like you? You must continually find ways to differentiate your business from your competition.

David and Amy, two of our partners here at Everything Medical Billing, have over 21 years of experience running their own successful billing business from home. They learned--sometimes the hard way--what works and what doesn't. Here you will find additional online medical billing training ideas and resources for marketing your billing business that they have found to work.

The paradox of starting a medical billing business is that in order to get a new doctor as a client, you usually need a proven track record--which means you need to already have a doctor as a client who will recommend you.

Since that's not the case, your goal is to establish a relationship with the doctor and staff in hopes of getting the opportunity to do their billing--or at least be referred to another doctor they know that might be in need of your medical billing services.

So what can you do to get that first doctor, and thus that first referral?

Offer Your Medical Billing Services For Free

This may seem counter-intuitive since you are trying to earn a living. However, the most dreaded question you will hear as the owner of a new billing service is "How many doctors do you have?" when you know the answer is "none".  Getting your first doctor is very difficult since most doctors are reluctant to risk their business with an inexperienced billing service.

In most cases you will need to not only convince the doctor that you will provide better service then your more experienced competitors, but you may also may need give your first doctor a financial incentive to take a chance on you.

That's what David and Amy did when they first started out: they knew of a very small chiropractor who saw just a handful of patients a day. They offered to do his billing for free for 6 months to prove themselves, and then if he was satisfied they agreed he would sign up with them. 

One option is for you to significantly reduce you fees for a set period of time, say six months to a year, with the understanding that when the contract renews it will be at your regular fee. A second option is to offer to do the doctors billing for free, assuming it is a smaller practice, for four to six months, again with the agreement that if the contract renews it will be at your standard fee.

In David and Amy's case, the chiropractor not only signed up with them at the end of the 6 months, but he also provided a good reference that enabled them to sign contracts with additional doctors, and they were off and running.

If working for free or at a reduced rate isn't economically feasible, you could also offer specific services for free, such as offering to clean up the old accounts receivables or updating their procedure codes. Even if the doctor doesn't sign with you, they could offer either a reference letter or, even better, an introduction to another doc who needs services.

Build a Website For the Medical Practice

This is much easier that you think (especially if your using our #1 pick for website design--see the website tab on the navigation bar). Many options are available to choose from, and you don't need to be an expert in HTML to build a site--many sites do all the background work and you just plug in the text and design elements you want.

A web presence is expected for any medical practice but especially beneficial for specialties such as chiropractors or licensed massage therapists who are constantly trying to dispel misconceptions and educate the public about the unique benefits of their services. Of course, you may pass along the the cost of the website, but possibly offer your labor for free.

Work For Another Medical Billing Business as a Sales Rep.

Choosing a large billing service may increase your odds of finding one that is willing to hire you knowing you may become a competitor one day. One reason for this is that the larger the billing company, the larger their clients tend to be and not many large doctor practices are going to dump a big established medical billing company for small inexperienced medical billing service.

Another side benefit of teaming up with a big medical billing business is they often do not want to bother with the smaller doctors and may be willing to refer them to you if you decide to open your own medical billing business.

You may need to offer to work on a commission only basis while you get the much needed experience marketing to doctors. Finding a billing company that utilizes the same medical software that you plan to use would be an added benefit.

For additional ideas on "How to Get Your First Doctor" we strongly suggest you consider the following two resources:

  • The first is a book written by a Mother and Daughter team that have run a successful medical billing business for over 15 years. The book is the best we have found to date on the subject of marketing your medical billing services (and David has reviewed many). They will share a wealth of additional online medical billing training ideas for marketing your billing business. A great place to start would be with one of there newest books titled:Advanced Medical Billing Marketing for the New Economy
  • The second book would be a wonderful resource after you've tried the marketing strategies and were fortunate enough to get several appointments, but now what do you do? This second book walks you through your first appointment with the doctor through signing up your doctor.
  • Learn The Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor!
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