Medical Billing and Training Software Package

by Amy
(Charlotte, NC)

Over a decade ago I bought what was supposed to be a

"turn-key" medical billing business opportunity.
The package sold for about $10,000 and included the medical billing software along with training on how to use the billing software. The training was for five days and also claimed to include how to set up your medical billing service as well as how to get your first Doctor.

I first knew I was in trouble about midway through the 2nd day of training when the trainer let it slip that his previous employment was as a used car salesman (I am not making this up!). Upon further questioning, the trainer finally had to admit that he did not have any medical billing experience and this was his first class as a trainer.

It should come as no surprise that it took nearly a year for me to get my first Doctor (who fortunately referred me to other Doctors) and the rest of my class either never got a Doctor or was out of business in less that two years.

The moral of the story is nothing beats experience. If you are going to invest in a medical billing training course then you need to make sure the instructors have insurance billing experience. It would be even better if they have run a successful medical billing business.

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