Medical Billing and Coding Class

by Linda
(Maine, USA)

I was interested in getting a job in Medical Billing and Coding, so after looking at a variety of choices, signed up for an online course with a nationally recognized Career School. I am very disappointed with the results, and would recommend people who want to do medical billing NOT BOTHER.

The course claimed that in the year it would take to complete, I would be fully able to do medical billing either in a doctor office setting, or perhaps even from my own home business. For the $900 I spent, I got books, access to online components, and supposedly "career placement assistance".

Once I got the materials at home, it did not seem to be exactly what was described. Although I did get some medical billing and coding information, a lot of the lessons seemed more to fit the duties of an administrative assistant--for example, I did three Research Papers, lessons on how to type a letter, and other things that didn't seem to directly apply to medical billing.

In addition, though the research papers were assigned, I got little to no explanation about how I was to complete these assignments. I struggled to make sense of what was expected, but there was little personalized help available. I did get handwritten grades on these from the instructors, but they were full of spelling errors and bad grammar--this made me question how good the instructors really were.

As for the "Career Placement Assistance", there was none to speak of. I never got help with my resume or any solid job leads. They gave me a list of job websites to look at, and that was about it. I could have found many of those sites on my own.

When I was finished with the course, I received a "diploma", but not medical billing and coding certification--for this reason, I have been unsuccessful in finding even an entry level job. Employers don't seem to consider that diploma worth much of anything, so I have concluded that this course was largely a waste of a year of my time, and almost a thousand dollars.

If I had it to do over again, I would make sure the course gave me actual certification at the end, and that I found out exactly what the "Career Placement Assistance" would be. And I should have asked to speak with some people who had completed the course to see if it was really what I thought it would be.

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Medical Billing Education & Certification
by: Everything Medical Billing


We were pleased you shared your story and were glad to see that your medical billing business survived despite the inexperienced trainer.

Anyone who is looking into such a course should be sure the trainers used are "Medical Billing Professionals and/or Business Owners". This will help ensure the quality and content of your course.

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