Maine Online Medical Billing School and On Campus Options

Many Maine online medical billing school options, as well as traditional campus based programs, are available to Pine Tree State residents. Maine has eight public colleges or universities, twenty private colleges and eight community colleges, many of which have medical billing and coding programs. In addition, a range of online medical billing schools offer more flexible and convenient programs from which to choose.

When evaluating the various Maine online medical billing school programs (campus based programs, too), it is especially important to do thorough research before committing to a specific program. The quality of programs can vary a lot, and some programs do not follow through on what they advertise. Reputable online programs do exist; to ensure your education is what you believe it will be, it is wise to look for certain things.

First, your instructors should have real-world experience in the medical billing and coding field, either having run a successful medical billing home business, or having worked in a medical office setting doing billing.

Second, be sure your program covers all the aspects of medical billing for the avenue YOU are planning to pursue. For example, if your goal is to open your own medical billing business, a large component of the coursework should cover how to set up your own business (writing a business plan, evaluating and choosing the best medical billing software, pricing your services and the like).

Third, talk to current and former students, as well as instructors, to ask specific questions about the Maine online medical billing school, any career placement assistance that may be offered, and to see what type of hands-on experience they offer, such as an internship or mock-ups of real-world billing for you to practice on.

By speaking with students directly, you may be able to avoid the experience of one Maine woman named Linda L. who completed an online medical billing program that promised to provide career placement assistance once her coursework was complete. To her dismay, that "assistance" consisted solely of a printout of local doctors which she was then expected to contact herself. Had she spoken to a former student or two before choosing her program, she may have learned the career placement help was not what she expected, and may have opted for a different program.

Post Maine Online Medical Billing School Employment

Once your education at a Maine online medical billing school or college is complete, the best employment options will be found in the cities of Portland, Lewiston - Auburn, Bangor, Augusta and Waterville. Because many Mainers live in more rural areas, many people are finding the option of opening their own medical billing business from home attractive. Places like the western Maine foothills, Aroostook and Washington Counties, as well as small coastal towns where commuting to the larger cities is difficult or unrealistic are prime spots to open a home based medical billing and coding business.

We know of one couple who have run a successful home based medical billing business from their home in rural Maine for over 20 years. The majority of the doctors they bill for are in a states hundreds of miles beyond the Maine borders; technology has enabled this couple work from home even with relatively few doctors in their immediate geographical area.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the national mean hourly wage for a medical billing specialist is $16.78 and the mean annual wage is $34,910. Their Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts biannual wage data surveys, and reports the following wage data for areas in Maine:

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Portsmouth, NH - York County, ME $16.91 $35,170
Rochester,NH - Dover, NH - Western York County, ME $20.63 $42,910
Portland, ME - South Portland, ME - Biddeford, ME $17.33 $36,010
Southwest ME Non-Metropolitan Area $16.93 $35,210
Bangor, ME $16.27 $33,830
Northeast ME Non-Metropolitan Area $15.55 $32,340

In addition, Bangor ranks #10 in the nation for metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of medical billing jobs. With 220 medical billing specialists in the area, employment options look positive. 

Long term job outlook is good for the healthcare field in general, and Maine's aging population (with an average age significantly above the national average) means an increased need for healthcare, and thus for medical billing professionals.

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