Learn Medical Billing With These Essential Books

To learn medical billing and increase the odds of your new medical billing business succeeding, you need to learn as much as you can about the medical claims processing business as quickly as possible.David and Amy, two of our partners here at Everything Medical Billing.com have reviewed all of these books (and many more which they rejected) and we believe they all offer solid, practical and usable advice which will truly be helpful.

Several of these books are tailored to help a new billing company while others will  be of use to the seasoned owner of an existing Medical Billing service. We believe these books will be able to assist you in learning more about the medical billing field, or gain in-depth advice to take your billing business to the next level.

A Must Read From The Receptionist to The Doctor in Any Medical Office! Learn The Basics of Medical Billing

Learn medical billing basics from two of the better known medical billing authors. This book explains the basics of medical insurance billing, covering all the steps in the billing process, in simple terms so that everyone can understand it.

Whether you need to improve your office efficiency, cash flow, or just want to understand the insurance billing process better, this is the medical billing book for you.

Start Your Own Medical Billing Business Start Your Own Medical Billing Business

This book covers all aspects of Medical Billing and what you will need to start your own Medical Billing Business. Learn to use the exact system authors Alice and Michele used to build their own
successful medical billing business over the last 15 years.

** If you're new to medical billing you might want to consider this bundle of some of the more popular ebooks at a reduced rate:

Medical Billing Home Business in a Box! Medical Billing Business

Learn The Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor! Learn The Secrets to Signing up Your First Doctor!

Not only will you learn everything you need to know to sign up your first client, but you will also have a simple guideline to follow. Let this successful mother-daughter team walk you step by step through
the entire process, before you step foot into the first doctor’s office! This is one of our most popular e books for good reason...

12 Marketing Strategies to grow Your new Medical Billing Business 12 Keys To Your Medical Billing Success!

Learn medical billing marketing: Utilize authors Alice and Michele's twelve marketing strategies to promote your medical billing home business,along with the ideas listed in the Marketing section of Everything Medical Billing's website to craft a successful marketing strategy.

Take Your Medical Billing Business to The Next Level! Take Your Medical Billing Business To The Next Level!

Learn Everything You Need to Know to Take Your Medical Billing Business
to The Next Level in Efficiency and Income!

You will learn how to grow your business efficiently and effectively. Once you've established your medical billing and coding business, you'll be ready to hire employees to grow your business.

therapy medical billing

this book will give you an introduction to the "ins and outs" of therapy billing: Whether you are a therapy office looking to have a better understanding of the billing process, an established billing service looking to expand your billing specialties or a new biller trying to get started in the field of therapy, this book will spell out all you need to know about billing for a therapy practice.

Denials, Appeals & Adjustments

If you've ever gotten a denial for a medical insurance claim that you don't know how to handle, this is the answer you've been waiting for!

This book explains many denial codes and is a step by step guide as to how to handle each denial to take it to its final completion. It explains when an appeal is necessary and how to file one. Authors Alice and Michele make it very clear when to file an adjustment to a claim and how this differs from an appeal. Included in this 100 page ebook are appeal and adjustment forms you can use in your office to file your appeals. Also included are instructions on how to write a formal appeal letter with examples.

Easy Step by Step Instructions to Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms! Simple Step by Step Instructions For Filling Out The CMS 1500 Forms!

A simple guide for filling out the CMS 1500 form! Written for the average person in easy to understand language to help you avoid the mistakes that cause claims to be denied or paid incorrectly. The authors give you instructions line by line and box by box so there is no more guesswork as you learn medical billing forms.

Quick and Easy Guide to Filling Out The UB04 Forms Line by Line, and Box by Box! Simple Step by Step Instructions For Filling Out The UB04 Forms!

Finally! Simple instructions for completely filling out a UB04 form.
If you bill insurance claims for a clinic or facility, this book is a MUST!

Chiropractic Billing Made Easy - Everything you need to know to bill for your services! Chiropractic Billing Made Easy

Learn the correct way to bill chiropractic claims. This will give you
ideas for handling no fault workers comp and Medicare claims as well
as knowing when to use modifiers and billing modalities.

Mental Health Big Pack Mental Health Billing Big Pack

Learn how to make sure your claims are paid properly and you are reimbursed completely for your mental health services.

Pricing Your Medical Billing Service

Whether you are starting your medical billing service or are an established service considering changing your pricing structure, this book will help you consider the pros and cons of the different methods of charging for your service. It will also help you steer clear of a commonly used illegal practices and show you how to calculate rates for a prospective provider with each of the different methods. Authors Alice and Michele discuss set up fees, monthly fees, and other services you could charge for. They explain how patient billing affects the way you will charge for your services.

Medicare Enrollment - Completing the 855I Form

Do you need to complete a Medicare enrollment application? Perhaps you want to make sure that you are not only able to complete it correctly, but in a timely fashion as well? Not only will this new knowledge help you complete your own 855I forms, but it will also help you expand your medical billing service, learn medical billing as it relates to Medicare, and help you to earn more money by offering a new service.

Because medical billing and medical coding often go hand in hand, we also have also compiled a number of medical coding books and resources you may find helpful to learn medical billing and coding:

Learn Medical Billing and Coding with Medical Coding Books and Manuals

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