The Ideal Medical Practice 

Why are many physicians leaving their traditional practices to form an Ideal Medical Practice (IMP)? Doctors have many reasons, but the primary one is to enhance the doctor-patient relationship, which contributes not only to patient well-being but also the doctor's job satisfaction.

The key is to automate the functions that support staff typically provide, freeing you up to focus on your patients.

Ideal medical practice

In an "Ideal Medical Practice", the doctor performs all the functions of the office staff in addition to seeing patients. By reducing overhead costs, the doctor is able to cut his patient load from 20-40 per day in a traditional care model to an average of 11 patients per day, increasing face-to-face time with patients and allowing the doctor to greatly enhance patient interaction.

Doctors make themselves readily available to their patients, often giving out their cell phone numbers and e-mail, and providing same-day appointments.


  • Patients have greater access to their physician
  • Patients have more face-to-face time with their physician
  • Physicians are able to reduce numbers of patients seen per day
  • Patients have greater control over their care
  • Physicians feel less stress and more job satisfaction
  • Overhead is low


  • No support staff
  • Physician must finance start up costs
  • Net revenue is about 30% less than with a traditional practice
  • Physicians need to be technologically knowledgeable
  • Physicians need to be comfortable running all aspects of their business
  • Lack of daily contact with other physicians

Technology has greatly enhanced the ability of physicians to make the leap to an IMP. Utilizing a variety of services and software can help you keep your records current and back office in order. 

Key Functions to automate include:

  • Medical Billing Software or Service
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Collections
  • Credit Card Processing
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