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Getting rich from home online survey work is definitely not a very realistic goal, but if you have been looking for ways to make some extra money from home, then doing work from home surveys can be a good way to supplement your current income. And who couldn't use extra income?

According to people who regularly participate in online surveys, it's possible to earn from $50 to $100 per month, and receive free products in addition to cash.

Beware of Up-Front Fees. Most work from home survey companies do not charge for you to join; the best sites are free. If you are asked to pay a fee to join, look elsewhere.

Tips to Maximize Your Success with From Home Online Survey Work

  • Register with an email that you check at least daily, and reply to surveys as fast as possible. The best surveys typically fill up quickly. Skipping this step will almost guarantee that you get few to no surveys
  • Fill out the Profile Survey when you register, even though you are not paid for sharing this information. Be honest about yourself and your preferences--don't answer the questions in the way you "think" they want you to. Credible companies will not share this information with third parties.The work from home survey company combines your registration information with the details you provide in these short portrait/profile surveys to get a better picture of your areas of interest and expertise.The more the market research companies know about you, the more targeted surveys they can send you and the more money you'll have a chance to make.
  • Be aware that there are many sites that pose as survey sites to obtain marketing information from consumers. These sites will sell your information to advertisers, and you will get tons of unsolicited spam if you sign up with them. To avoid this, be sure you read any site's privacy policy before you enroll to make sure it is a legitimate survey site. In addition, If you are wondering about the credibility of a specific site, an quick Google search of the site name along with the word "scams" will yield plenty of information.
  • Don't get discouraged if you aren't chosen for specific surveys at first. Be patient and you will be able to participate in accurately targeted survey.
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