Free Medical Billing Training Ideas

How can you get free medical billing training and possibly even get paid while you learn how to do medical insurance claims billing? Read on as we share our three best free-medical-billing training ideas with you along with what we feel are the strongest benefits of each.

1. Work For a Medical Billing Company

You will gain real life experience that you just can't get from an online medical billing course while getting the free medical billing training that you need.

In addition to training for medical billing for free, You will gain valuable experience marketing billing services to medical providers, which you will probably put to good use when you start to do your own medical billing. We give a slight edge to working for a medical billing service over our other two ideas because of this. To make it worthwhile for the billing company you might need to offer to work for minimum wage or even for free if necessary (and permitted by your state labor laws).

Assuming you've worked hard and established a good relationship with the owner of the medical billing company, you may be the lucky recipient of any referrals the business owner is too busy to handle. This is because many medical billing companies, especially the larger billing companies, are less likely to be interested in servicing the smaller doctors. Working for a billing company also allows you to honestly say you have medical billing experience when you start marketing your own medical billing business.

2. Work For an Insurance Company

Working for an insurance company is better than free medical billing training since an insurance company has to pay you. You get a unique prospective of what really happens to your claims once they reach the insurance claims department.

While you would get a good feel for how the whole insurance claims processing system works, your would have to supplement other areas of your medical billing training, such as marketing. Your pay would potentially be better working for an insurance company than our other two suggestions, but your overall training would obviously not cover all aspects of running a medical billing business nor would it be as likely to result in any referrals for doctors needing help with their medical claims processing.

3. Work For a Doctor's Office or Hospital

Getting your free medical billing training by working at a doctor's office has a tremendous number of benefits, not the least of which is the opportunity to develop a working relationship with your first doctor and possibly get his/her business whenever you are ready to open your billing company.

You will also have a good chance of building a friendship with the office manager and staff who often are the first to know of other doctors offices that are in need of help with their medical billing. You may also get the opportunity to establish a good working relationship with office managers and occasionally even the doctors from other medical practices. This could occur from attending ongoing training sessions by various groups including medicare and medicaid.

Some folks have found it easier to find a volunteer positions at a hospital in the health information department or possibly the business office. Besides gaining valuable experience, you have the added benefit of knowing when an employment opportunity becomes available and many employers prefer to hire from within.

Securing a position as a medical billing clerk for a physicians office without any experience might prove to be a little challenging depending on the job market in your area.

One way around this is to offer to work for an hourly wage less than the going rate. Remember, your primary goals in this scenario are to learn all you can about the medical billing process in the doctors office and hopefully earn a strong reference for when you start to build your medical billing business.

The one down side of working for a Doctor instead of a billing company is you would not be getting any experience marketing to doctors. Of course, you could always get more information about marketing to medical providers from one of the many resources in our book store such as 12 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Medical Billing Business .

We encourage you to fill out our Contact Form if you have any questions about free medical billing training or any other topic on our site. We really want to help you achieve your goals--we've been where you are ourselves, and know how helpful it would have been if someone had shared their hard-earned advice when we were just starting out.

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