Looking for a Simple Way to Create an Extra Income Stream?

We’ve combined organic products, ecommerce, relationship marketing & postcards to offer a cutting edge business opportunity…

Dear Friend:

Hi, my name is Dave.  I appreciate you visiting my website today.  If you’re like most people, you could use an extra income stream that doesn’t interfere with what you are already doing. 

An extra $500 to $5k per month would probably make you feel secure and give you additional options, such as building up your emergency fund, paying off debt, traveling, funding your retirement or even saving for your children’s college savings plan.

I’ve recently found a wonderful home business that will help you do that.  Here are some of the key points about what I do:

ü Ground floor opportunity

ü Focuses on natural and organic products

ü Earn immediate income and ongoing, residual income

ü Use our simple postcard system grow your business

ü Free website, training, and ongoing support

ü No need to inventory products, take orders, or make deliveries

If any of these things interest you, here is what I suggest you do right now.

STEP # 1:  Get the details about this opportunity--it lays out exactly how you can get started building your business:

Listen to the 20 minute overview

STEP # 2:  Learn more about the company, products and compensation plan. The products are great, but the compensation plan is what excites me the most:

Check out the products and company here

STEP # 3: Learn more about our innovative postcard marketing system which helps build your business for you 

Visit this website

Make sure you type in my affiliate ID #, which is 8228581, as the referring affiliate ID #. It will explain the details about how our system works and how simple it is to follow.

STEP # 4: If you have questions about how everything works, please reach out to me by phone at (317) 983-4968.

STEP #5: If you are ready to get started,  

Sign up as an affiliate here.

Once you sign up, I will reach out to you and help get you started.

I appreciate you visiting my website today and I hope you take the time to check out these links. Why not get started on something that can help you get healthy and change your financial future?



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