Create a Website to Earn Extra Income

Want to create a website to earn extra money, but don't know how to do it? Or you like the idea of building a website but don't have an idea about what it might be about? Everyone has a hobby, interest, or area of expertise to share with others. That's how we got started at EverythingMedicalBilling, and that's how YOU can get started creating a website too.

One of Everything Medical Billing's partners, David, has run a successful work at home Medical Billing business with his wife for over 21 years. Like many people out there looking for information about starting their own medical billing business, he had an idea: but he had no experience, no contacts, no "in" to the business. Through trial and error, and a lot of hard work, he got his first doctor, got referrals, and built his business into the success it is today.

Over the years, many people have come to David asking for advice on how to start their own work from home medical billing business. Lots hadh false hopes fueled by the hype they had heard about the "hot" medical billing business; others had spent lots of their hard-earned money on what turned out to be a bogus medical billing course and were frustrated when they couldn't find a job. From those conversations, we decided to create a website and EverythingMedicalBilling was born.

David and his partners decided to put his experience and expertise to work helping others cut through the misinformation out there and give people solid, practical advice about medical billing based on his long experience in the industry. And while helping other people, he's also able to turn his experience into a solid income stream. Look through the pages of this site and you will get an idea of the many topics related to the general "medical billing" topic that are covered and how much information there is to convey about it. 

One of our other partners, Gerod, has over 15 years of experience in the Payroll industry. Our sister site, Best Business Payroll was born from his experience and expertise garnered after years of learning about not only payroll but related topics of Time and Attendance, Retirement Funds and the like. We found that business owners could benefit from an informational site that helps them to evaluate their Human Resource options, and while doing so, offer services that could produce revenue for us.

Both of these partners took what they were doing in their "day jobs" and translated that knowledge into informational, useful sites for people evaluating those topics.

The Best Way to Create a Website

When we first started looking to create a website, we didn't know where to start to build a website--we ALMOST went with a company which charged about $39 a month to host 5 pages; then we found SBI and were off and running. SBI offers so much that those other website companies don't--first they teach you HOW to write the website, then they teach you how to build TRAFFIC to your site.

This is the key difference between SBI and all the others--you may be able to build a first rate website, but if nobody finds it, it's useless. As someone once told us, "Imagine you built a first-class, five star resort with all the amenities, but it was in the middle of the desert with no road to get to it. How many people would visit your resort?" Building a fantastic website whose pages are buried 60 pages deep in the Google search-engine is just about the same thing. You not only need the site to look great and contain valuable information, but you have to get people to find it.

By using SBI:

  1. Your site builds targeted, interested visitors
  2. Your site PREsells through high-value information
  3. Your site convert visitors into buyers, whether you are...
  • a professional selling a service (locally, globally, or both)
  • a distributor or network marketing representative
  • an "infopreneur," monetizing through AdSense, affiliate programs and referrals/finder fees
  • selling a service to local or global clientele
  • offering any other product -- digital or hard goods
  • Want to learn more about how to create a website yourself?

    Since web based business opportunities are certainly not limited to medical billing or payroll, what is YOUR area of expertise? And what are you waiting for? Create a website that you will be proud of and start marketing your services on the internet!

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