Billing Insurance Medical Software and EMR Integration--Concerns of Medical Billing Business Owners

Some billing insurance medical software business owners are concerned about the growing use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in medical practices. They worry that because the doctors have sophisticated EMR software which automates many functions that people have had to do in the past that doctors won't need their services any more.

However, the same reasons medical practices have outsourced their billing in the past still holds true today--someone either on staff in the medical practice office or someone employed by a medical billing service still needs to have an active role in the billing process.

Electronic medical records integration with billing medical software cannot simply be automated with no human touch. Someone needs to call insurance companies, track claims, field questions from patients about their charges, and resolve any issues with the clearing house. And only someone with expertise and the motivation to collect as much of the outstanding balances due will have the most success for the medical practice.

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Billing Insurance Medical Software Business Owners Can Benefit

Doctors are naturally concerned with the “bottom line” and how much of their patient billing is actually collected. As we have discussed in other areas in this site, one of the primary reasons to go with a billing service is that their fees are directly tied to how much revenue is actually collected.

This gives the medical billing business an intrinsic interest in how well they do following up on those hard-to-complete claims since their fees are often a percentage of the fees paid. Contrast that with an hourly employee in the medial practice office who has so such incentive—if they do a reasonable job collecting most of the bills they are doing their job—but they may not go the extra mile to complete the difficult claims.

In reality, EMRs can work hand in glove with a medical billing service to ensure a higher level of accuracy, thereby ensuring more claims are successfully processed. Problems with legibility, errors in transcription and the like are virtually eliminated with the electronic transfer of data. This helps the billing service provide better service for the medical practice, and to collect more of their outstanding debt.

In addition, more information is available to assist in the billing and reimbursement process. Without EMR, office staff may be asked to make copies of important patient data and send that information to the billing company. This takes time both for the medical office staff to execute, and for the billing company to wait for. With EMR, all necessary data can be accessed by the medical biller.

Offering additional services is one way for billing businesses to stay competitive when working with a medical practice. Since the billing business will be comfortable using EMRs to assist with their billing, one way to build value and trust with a medical practice client is that when they implement a new EMR software system, offer to assist with the transition by answering questions and even helping staff learn how to use the system. Building that collaborative, helpful atmosphere will go a long way in cementing your business relationship.

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