Arizona Medical Billing Schools

Arizona medical billing schools offer several educational options, including certification, diploma, and degree programs. Online courses of study, correspondence courses, as well as traditional college settings are available in many parts of the state.

Any good medical billing and coding program should cover a number of subjects, including a good working overview of the billing and reimbursement cycle of an insurance claim, the basics of the CMS 1500, UB92 and ADA Forms, understanding CPT (Current Procedural Technology) and ICD (International Classification of Disease) coding, and training on medical billing software.

Also of vital importance is the opportunity for hands-on "real world" experience, either in an internship or minimally a mock-up of actual patient billing. As you evaluate your options, be sure to ask for references and follow up with specific questions.

Many programs sound like they deliver what you are looking for, but it is only be digging a bit deeper that you will uncover all the facts you need. Programs that actually offer "hands- on" experience--and that you have verified by asking specific questions about the type, quality, and amount of hands-on training--should be given the most serious consideration.

Once training at one of the Arizona medical billing schools is complete, the best opportunities for employment can be found in the urban areas of the Phoenix - Mesa - Scottsdale - Glendale, Tuscon, Flagstaff, and some of the Phoenix's metropolitan area cities such as Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, and Surprise. With 54 hospitals in the Phoenix metropolitan area alone, and many more hospitals and physician's offices spread throughout the Grand Canyon State many employment options exist for medical billing professionals.

Arizona Medical Billing Schools and Employment

Since we first wrote this page, we are pleased to report that both hourly and annual wages for medical billing professionals have seen a steady increase in Arizona. According to the most recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2014), The Phoenix - Mesa - Scottsdale - Glendale, AZ area ranks #5 nationally for metropolitan areas with the highest employment level in this occupation with 3,4300 people employed at a mean hourly rate of $18.75 and a mean annual wage of $39,000, which is above the state-wide average.

North Arizona ranked #1 in the country for the non-metropolitan area with the highest concentration of jobs in medical billing, with medical billing professionals earning $18.21 and $37,880 respectively. Specific hourly and annual wage data for various parts of Arizona are reflected on the chart below.

Area Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage
Flagstaff AZ $20.51 $42,660
Northern AZ Non-metropolitan Area $18.21 $37,880
Southeast AZ Non-metropolitan Area $17.66 $36,720
Prescott AZ $19.00 $40,770
Phoenix - Mesa - Glendale AZ $18.75 $39,000
Tuscon, AZ $17.85 $37,130

With a huge increase in state population over the last decade (the U.S. Census bureau reports a 24.6% increase from the period between 2000 and 2010), the demand for healthcare and thus medical billing and coding services will continue to grow, making it an attractive field.

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